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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I’m beyond thrilled that my book, The Orange Woods – Seasons in the Country Lived Artfully – has just been released.

The road to publication is a long and arduous journey.

Whew, I made it.

I do harbor one regret. I wish my book had pictures in it—so much of it is about art.

It doesn’t.

However, the cover of my memoir is taken from an astonishing painting of what else—oranges—by an artist you need to know.

The artist, Linda Pickering, lives and creates in my secret place of the world, Pauma Valley.

Her expressive and bold work is highly regarded and collected by patrons in many parts of the world.

Here's detail from the painting she sold just this week - Pears!

And here's what she does with pomegranates.

What does it say about an author and her book when the cover art garners more attention than the story inside the book?

Oh me…


It is a lovely cover, but I'm eager to get to the words inside!


We are thrilled for you!! Ordered wish it would get here!😊❤️J & J

Congrats Marilyn!

What happy news in this heavy time.  I hope you are feeling proud.


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I'm so excited for you Marilyn! Congratulations! Carrie


I loved the cover when I first saw it. Glad you gave us details. Now I must get the book ordered!!


Oh just wait til readers get a chance to look inside. You'll be hearing from us then. Can't wait to hold the real thing in my hands.


Jun 01, 2020

What a great place to hide...mazal tov! So proud of you. Can't wait to get my copy.

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