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Missing Texas today...

But I'm very excited because my best friend since junior high is coming to visit in a few days. Yea! She and her husband are my strongest connection to Dallas since family is all gone. One of our favorite parts of Texas is the Buffalo Gap Food and Wine Summit at the Perini Ranch. We missed this it April, but hopefully will return in 2020. The three weekend is quintessential Texas!

Often I get a hankering to return to Texas. If it’s not in the cards, I turn to Traces of Texas, one of my favorite websites for a shot of my home state. I love, love, love this recent post!

“I don't know how the weather is wherever you are in Texas, but it's just too beautiful here in Austin for me to work on the page so I'm going to go out today and dance with armadillos. I'll be back tomorrow with my usual demented observations, fallacious circumlocutions, tawdry recollections, and venal logic. In the meantime, it's Friday in Texas and my recommendation is conjunto music and margaritas. Responsibly, of course. Wouldn't want any of y'all getting hurt.”

My Texas tips today:

  • For a real taste of Texas, mosey on over to the website -

  • To sample conjunto music, here you go! Grupo Inevitable at The Tejano Conjunto Festival 2017 -

  • For the margaritas, you’re on your own!

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You were missed by your Texas Tech Pi Phi Sisters. Hope to see you next year in San Antonio.

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