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Does it hurt?

Medusa’s snake locks? Samson’s long mane, the secret to his strength, which Delilah cut while he slept? Santa’s snow white beard?

Iconic hair stories, whether on the head or the face, abound.

Best friend, Alice, couldn’t wait to share this exchange between her younger daughter, Amy and seven-year-old Em, Alice’s observant, smart-as-a-whip little granddaughter.

Em: Mama, what’s it called when your eyebrows grow together?

Mom: A unibrow.

Em: Yeah, I think I have one.

Mom: You might. I had one when I was younger. I get it waxed now, so it takes care of all that.

Em: Does it hurt?

Mom: Yes. Are you feeling self-conscious about yours?

Em: I’m the only one in my class with one, so, yeah.

Mom: If it’s really bothering you, we’ll research all your options.


Em: Who was the artist...the one with the bad leg that wore a brace?

Mom: Frida Kahlo?

Em: Yes. She had one and she was an amazing artist. One of my favorites.

Mom: Yes, she did.

Em: I think I’m going to keep mine, too. It makes me unique like Frida.

Not only Frida Kahlo’s vibrant colors and beautiful face, but her iconic unibrow are as recognizable as her art. Kahlo purposely mixed Western fashions with traditional garb, using her clothes to craft another kind of self-portrait. Through her dress, she constructed an ethnic and political identity that spoke of the same duality found in her paintings, and sent a highly political statement of cultural identity, nationalism, and feminism.

Hard to find a person who doesn’t know Frida Kahlo, the internationally known Mexican painter.

Even this little seven-year-old.

Wonder how long she’ll stay with the unibrow?



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