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Carly in the house...

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Carly and I have been living together now almost five weeks and I have written regularly about our escapades together. However, since my writing focuses primarily on her I have hesitated to share despite the fact that she constantly puts her life out there on Instagram.

She’s pretty hilarious, though, so last night when I took her to Barrio Star for dinner, I asked her permission. She took a sip of her Blood Orange Margarita and said, “Heck yes, Neeny.”

By the time our time together is over I may have enough material for a book. Until then, I’ll share snippets occasionally. This one, from Super Bowl Sunday.

Week Four, Day One

Over the fifty-plus years of Super Bowl mania, two stand out in my memory. Super XXIX when the San Francisco 49ers defeated our beloved San Diego Chargers as the revelers at our party watched on and Super Bowl X when my husband broadcast his morning show live from Miami. I don’t remember who won, Pittsburg or Dallas, but I’ll never forget the parties. Over the years, the rest of my Super Bowl viewing has been random, opting out whenever I possibly could.

That was not a possibility for Super Bowl LIV. Early that Sunday morning a text:

“watch the Super Bowl with me?”

Carly sent me this text from her bedroom on the second floor. I was in the kitchen. Same house.

I had a marginal interest because Texas Tech Red Raider, Patrick Mahomes had been putting Lubbock on the map since his first-round draft pick by the Kansas Chiefs in 2017. When Carly suggested we create a charcuterie board for the viewing, I couldn’t refuse.

This was a good, maybe great Super Bowl in my opinion. The half-time was a stunner with both Shakira and Jennifer Lopez delivering flawless, heart-leaping, high-energy Miami-infused explosions of song and dance. But the real show for me happened on the couch next to me where Carly did her own non-stop, no penalty, four-quarter commercial for the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo.

“Isn’t he the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen, Neeny? Oh my God, I’m in love,” she shrieked as she spread a blob of brie cheese on a cracker.

“Jimmy Garopollo—quarterback sneak right into my heart,” she gushed.

I had to agree he was good looking. “But how old is he? Isn’t he too old for you?” I asked the twenty-one-year-old super-fan.

“No. I’m going to marry him. I am obsessed,” she confessed as if I couldn’t tell.

“Let me see if he has a girlfriend,” she said grabbing her phone and googling.

“Nope. Had one but they broke up when he dated an adult film star. He’s unattached. He’s mine.”

Throughout the game, she encouraged, “Come on Baby, you can do it.”

Up and down she bounced like a cheerleader. “Late hit,” she reprimanded the referee when her QB was blitzed.

She defended with, “You, asshole,” directed to the offending tackle who shoved her hero out of bounds at the twenty-yard line.

“Oh Lord, he’s so gorgeous,” she gushed when he removed his helmet on the sidelines.

“Sexiest man alive for sure. What a hunk.” With this, she dropped a small chunk of cheddar on the floor and quickly retrieved it.

I had to agree. The dashing young dark-haired Italian with the five o’clock shadow and glistening white teeth was movie-star handsome.

In the end, Mahomes led his Kansas City Chiefs to a comeback win becoming the game’s MVP. But not Carly’s. Her heart belonged to Garopollo. Not a lineman on the team was more protective of San Francisco’s quarterback. Even in defeat, she was madly in love.

Lovestruck young lady in the house.


The grands keep us young!! I’m forever trying to keep up and talk the good teenager talk! It’s fun! And I’m forever grateful to have the blessed opportunity!!

PS: Good choice, Carly! He’s really HOT!


Ah, to fall in love, to get lost in wild day dreaming, and then to continue life a if nothing has happened. Go Carly go...RS

That is a wonderful piece, so well written, I saw Carly moving excitedly around eating her cheese and crackers!!!

I think you should send it out.  A sports or football magazine?  Directly to the 49 ers ??! SB

Love your Carly snippets. my granddaughter Mc Kenna was here from Eugene signing with USD for the fall track team.  Im anxious to be able to share her enthusiasm like Carly does with her neeny! mpr

Tell Carly she can’t go wrong with a handsome Italian boy. It’s been a great ride for me with my Italian Stallion!!💖

Good Choice Carly! Jodi

So great Marilyn!! Of course I think he is gorgeous also but my leanings will always be with the Chiefs!!! Go Chiefs!!!❤️❤️J9

Dear Marilyn,

I enjoyed your comments about Carly.  When Suzy and I were watching the Super Bowl I mentioned how handsome Garropalo is so I’m not surprised she is in love. Bob

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Fun Marilyn. And thanks for the photo of the QB. I'm with Carly on this one.

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