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Cancelled - darn it!

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Not a big deal in the whole scheme of things, but huge, huge, huge disappointment for me. However, I do have to go to Texas often, so as soon as the frenzy and panic has calmed, I’ll make a new plan.

In the meantime, I have huge amounts of discretionary time on my hands. After readjusting my attitude, I find this is a monumental gift.

Here’s a few things on my in-the-near-future To-Do list:

  • Plan a party for newly married docent friend

  • Haul the forty-year-old Kitchen-Aid mixer out of hiding and make cookies and muffins

  • Make an appointment for a colonoscopy (boy, have I been procrastinating on this one…)

  • Rotate the mattress on my bed

  • Sign up for a writing class at Writer’s Ink

  • Up my walking regime *****

  • Listen to music; Diana Ross’ “Reach Out and Touch Someone” comes to mind.

  • Do just that!

***** My friend and walking buddy, Gail, suggested we do some late afternoon walking and she introduced “Cock and Walk”—we walk a little, stop for a margarita or glass of wine and then walk some more, talking all the while. Is it any wonder I hang out with her?

What's up in your world?


After I surfed in yesterday arrived safe but had the neatest man from San Antonio and Borme , ? we went over restaurants you were going to etc.Almost phoned you to chat with him Really cool lawyer OK well I’m painting my dining room so catch you later Margaret

Shoot!!! Your trip sounded so great! I loved all your to do list - especially walking with friend!! Sounds great, miss you!😊❤️Stenzels

Just want to thank you so much for including me in the thoughts that you share. I read and enjoy all your writings and I notice that I end each reading with a smile on my face and with the words, “I really love my Marilyn.”


Yes, planning a trip and looking forward to it are two  uplifting steps! To cancel is surely  just a real disappointment!

I will wait a week to decide about flying to  Denmark in May.

How to make lemonade out of lemons?

Fiddling around my home today , framing some art work, planting tomatoes, weeding, writing to anxious friends ,

Lazing around too.

Slow down.

Let it be.

Let it take time.

Bread baking came to mind? Get yeast! Who to share with?

Where is my incomplete knitting - did I give all the yarn away when I moved?

Books to be finished or reread?

Is Gym  ok?

Are we elderly? Are we at risk?

A stressfull surprise  and daily challenge!?

Be well!


How are you out in San Diego? Just wanted you to know the Dallas Museum of Art is closed along with many museums, schools and venues around this area due to the Corona Virus concern. Sadly, we cannot enjoy the Mexican exhibit together this month.

If you do come, please include me in a lunch or dinner while you are here. Would so enjoy a visit with you and the Finks.

How can I get on the purchase list for your book? Love your stories full of friendship, memories, Texas. CA and family!

All best wishes for you,


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Mar 14, 2020

Can't wait to try to cookies and muffins and I like Gail's walking plan...I'm planning some additional beach walks, if the clouds clear, and will catch up on sorting through books and revising, revising, know how it goes...


Remember all the times we said we wish we had more time for (fill in the blank), well, as you say in your message: now we have it. To do: work on the work-in-progress. To not do: read all those old journals. To do: transplant the Boston fern. To not do: go through those boxes of old photos. In fact, don't even go down to the storage room! Thanks for all the good ideas. Yes. More walking. It's spring out there.


Mar 13, 2020

Ah we social creatures don't know how to react when people tell us to stop getting together. I note your immediate thought was planning a party! I found myself thinking of all the people I would like to invite to come visit now that I'm not going on the two cruises and road trip in Poland that are on the books in the next few months! Yes. In the grand scheme of things, those are pretty petty! Disappointing all the same. So, I will FINALLY work on the yard that has been waiting since I moved in a year ago, clean out some files, plan more trips and write to those friends I would love to visit with! Tak…


Sooo sorry you won't be coming to Big D. Was looking forward to our dinner. But we will reschedule when you reschedule. I have also cancelled my trip to the U.K. for first two weeks of April. Was going to meet Bangkok son, his wife and my granddaughter there. But we pulled the plug yesterday. We hope to re-calendar the trip for late July. We'll see how this thing goes. Meantime, like you, I expect to have plenty of time on my hands next few weeks as lots of stuff being cancelled here. I am rather looking forward to it. More time to practice jazz piano!! And for you, more time for writing!

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