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Burning questions...

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Georges Braque Still-life 1927, France Oil on canvas

Salvador Dalí Specter of the Evening 1930, Spain Oil on canvas

Cubism or Surrealism? Will I remember the differences?

Will my hands ever un-shrivel?

How does Willie Nelson go so well with isolation?

Where has all the money I’ve saved on gasoline gone?

Is the white rectangle mask image on my lower face permanently imprinted or will the tan line fade?

Am I going to I eat nachos and drink Margaritas alone on Cinco de Mayo?

How is mow and blow essential?

Will my eyebrows grow all the way together like Frida’s?

Will my stash of crunch peanut butter last?

Can I perfectly time my viewing of Schitt’s Creek so that I watch the 80th and final episode on my final day in quarantine?

Is elevated screen time hours a good thing?

How many books can I start to read without finishing?

Am I doomed to interact solely with people stacked gallery-style on Zoom harkening back to Hollywood Squares?

Who is flying on all those airplanes?

Will Happy Hour return to its regular time slot?

When it’s over, what am I going to regret not doing with all this time?

How about you - what's your burning question?


Enjoyed your ‘Burning Questions’ this morning. Love your expression and appreciation of the human experience.

Here are a few of my recent works. Deeply grateful to have the love 💗 f creation to fuel me through life, particularly in these foreign times.

Sending love, Samantha

My burning question is: Is this virus part of some grand plan (Nature?) to reduce the population and help the planet. Goes against my religion, but I do wonder.


When will we know what the 'new normal' is? What will the 'new normal' be? How will we adapt to it in a sanely way?RS

Forgot to ask one more question...will I ever wear a bra again...Janice

I am truly fortunate to live in a "rural" area.  I walk, ride my bicycle, have cocktails on patios with friends, and enjoy take-out dinners in each others' homes.  Anyone from Houston who has a lake house is now in McQueeney.  The children ski, ride jet skis, drive golf carts and generally are outside instead of home in one of the hotbeds for Covide.  I will appreciate it when life returns to normal.  And oh yes, I will always know the difference between cubism and surrealism.MM

Will this bring balance to our country once again- the importance of Faith, Family, and Friends? Joan

Hello  Restless Friend,

How did this week slip by so fast?

So slow?

So little accomplished?

So many little tasks?

Just enough to get by while refusing to stressing as before.

Fresh sheets today?

So many little joys in gardening: how “nice “ of all the flowers self-seeding from my  initial efforts  last year.

A “nasty” snail ate half of an amaryllis but still it blooms.

“Peace and Joy” has multiple blooms.

“Forget me not” sprouting.

Maybe some watercoloring of flowers a la Emil Nolde: (the ones he named “unpainted” as he painted them during WWII when he was confined to his home and forbidden to painted)

I have also taken up porch sitting: watching the world go by from my front porch : this activity includes waving and chatting w passers by.

When I lived in Brownstone Cobble Hill, Brooklyn there was an Italian-American Doctor who lived up the street : He hung out on his stoop and seemed to know all  the neighborhood folks. He married  an Icelandic artist and eventually they moved to a small town on Iceland. I wondered how such an extrovert man would thrive there?

Years later I ran into a common friend: who had kept in touch with the family.

The daughter now plays cello in The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and all is well.

Be good, be safe, be well!


I understand. My hair is growing long and stringy. Fortunately I do not color it so I do not have that issue. I think country music goes very well with isolation. I used my saved money for balloons for two birthday car parades. So the fun keeps on coming. Judy in Houston

Enjoyed your post.  The main burning question I have that is also yours, is how many books will I start and not finish.

Hope we can do a Zoom cocktail hour.


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11 Kommentare

Loved this!! I can Identify so much! Here's mine: will my dining room table/puzzle space/office/Catan boardgame playing spot/Zoom space......ever be used again to have dinner and a nice bottle of wine with friends???

Gefällt mir

Love your burning questions!! Today, mine is, "How am I going to bind this quilt I am making when I seem to run have out of fabric?" Stay well!!

Gefällt mir

Will I still be blonde at the end of the quarantine?

(love your burning questions. Identify.) Thanks, Marilyn

Gefällt mir

18. Apr. 2020

Why didn't I go through my bookshelves, clear my desk or write great stuff instead of doing jigsaw puzzles, eating and getting fat? Yup, a lot of questions, but at leas we can ask them.

Gefällt mir

18. Apr. 2020

Will I still look forward to the NYTimes Mini Crossword puzzle?

Gefällt mir
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