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Bo or Tom???

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Prize-winning, international best-selling author Ann Patchett may well be the most beloved book person in America — not just for her irresistibly absorbing novels and memoirs (including The Patron Saint of Liars, Bel Canto and This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage) but for becoming a patron saint of readers and publishers when she opened Parnassus Books in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

I can’t say enough about her newest offering, The Dutch House, a

modern fairy tale of a brother and sister and their childhood home. Memories of both my childhood home in Dallas and my brother and only sibling have resurfaced over and over as I have submerged myself in this exceptional novel. Filled with suspense, humor, and rage, it also brims with compassion.

I read a lot and go back and forth between books and audio versions, but there was no question in my mind about this one. Academy-award winning actor, Tom Hanks, is the narrator his involvement with Ann Patchett on this project creates an amazing combination. His gentle and rich voice with her mastery of language and storytelling is brilliant.

The author says, “Writing a novel is a solitary business, while an audiobook is a collaboration. Tom Hanks took THE DUTCH HOUSE and gave it a layer of depth and nuance I never could have imaged. To say that I am honored by his extraordinary talent is an understatement. I’m humbled, and very grateful.”

Hearing Hanks narrate gave me a beautiful idea...

My radio son, Bo is going to do my book’s audio version when it’s time…

Watch out Tom!


I loved the book also!! Also think you would like Jo Jo Moyes new book, “The Giver of Stars”!! JS

I put The Dutch House (book) on my Christmas wish list for the kids.

Now I’m bummed I didn’t just listen to the audio version! Ha. Oh well.

How cool that your son will narrate the audio version of your book when it comes out! Patti

i just finished The Dutch House by Ann Patchett.  Good read with message for me. 

Truman Capote , Christmas Message is our Dec. read  MP

Thanks, Marilyn.  I LOVED The Patron Saint of Liars and Bel Canto, so I will get this immediately, and definitely in the audio version. Thanks, again for the tip.


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١ تعليق واحد

The Dutch House does look good. Will also request it for a Christmas gift. Will soon be reading " The Nine Street Women" for my next book club read. Congratulations on a read by your son. That should be fun for you!

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