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As a professional Writer, I aim to create a better understanding of the world and our place in it — a mission which has cast me in many different roles: author, artist, teacher, farmer and mother.


Welcome to my blog about celebrating family, friends, art, and all the joys and sorrows of life's second act.

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I was certain I would never again be happy. 

Throughout my years of country living, I always vowed I would return to urban life if anything happened to my husband. He always joked, “Yeah, you’ll return—with some young dude.”

There was no young dude, but there is an old house. Older than me. I fell in love immediately.

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The Orange Woods

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Marilyn's debut memoir follows the lives of a big city radio couple who morph into small town farmers during a two-decade love affair with a magical piece of land in Southern California. Their dream-like life, complete with an orange grove, vineyard, a loyal black dog and unparalleled scenic views, comes to a sudden end when Jack unexpectedly dies, leaving Marilyn alone to face her devastation and her future.

It is an inspiring story of poignant memories, shining moments of laughter, immeasurable grief, and, ultimately, hope.


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Praise for The Orange Woods

Column: How San Diego author Marilyn Woods found creative life after a crushing loss

...when people finish reading “The Orange Woods"...they will have had several good cries over this beautiful, awful, awe-inspiring thing we call life.

Reader Reviews 

David Hodgens, San Diego

The voluptuousness spills off the pages from the vineyards and orchards. The calm of rising and setting suns and full moon evenings combine with it to supply the luxury that only nature and quiet and countryside can provide. With masterful strokes, Marilyn Woods has painted with her words a tribute to a long era in her wonderful life. The vivid and crisp descriptions, seasoned with references to classic art works and contemporary music make photographs unnecessary. She has created a tribute to a time and to a love. The Orange Woods is beautifully written, but the beauty goes beyond that of the idyllic era described. It serves as a substrate for the portrayal of a love and devotion so deep that its magnitude will never be measured, as it is still expanding. It serves as the backdrop for a painful, long, slow, but ultimately successful recovery from the profound depths of loss over a loved one, and becomes a tribute to him, as well. In the dynamic of this literary painting, a tribute develops also to a strong supporting family, a limitless bank of fond memories, and of the comfort brought to one by the art with which she is surrounded. It is deeply and appropriately touching to all who have experienced love, ecstasy, contentment and loss. It becomes also a beautiful tribute to the author and artist who has lived the life and done the painting. 

This precious book came up on my Kindle less than 24 hours ago. I couldn’t put it down. It is a love story spanning over 50 years. Entwined are heartwarming stories of wedded bliss, devoted family, art, music, travel and the beauty of nature. It is a love story to Jack, the authors husband, the strong, witty and sexy radio personality turned farmer and winemaker. You will cry with and for the author as she learns to deal with loss and grief. Marilyn is gifted at weaving their beautiful true life story together over the years and it will touch you to your core.

My friend, Cindy, selected this book for our next book club and I am so glad she did! I loved this book on so many levels. The author writes fondly about Pauma Valley, CA, and I live in this lovely valley. The author is an artist and enjoys collecting and critiquing art. Me too! Marilyn loves to travel and describes many of my favorite travel destinations. This well-written book is shared from the heart and with compassion. It is happy and uplifting but also heartbreaking. It is a book about healing. I look forward to discussing Marilyn's story at our next book club. An added bonus is that Marilyn Woods will be joining us in the discussion. Can't wait!

I’ve lived in San Diego for almost 44 years and could picture the many beautiful places written in this wonderful book. My hope is that this excellent author will continue to write and share more of her life as she continues on her journey. I wanted to hug her and let her know how strong she was to share her feelings. This book was beautifully written and brought not only smiles but tears as well.

Marilyn Woods writes beautifully with much love and gratitude. Her book, The Orange Woods made me laugh out loud at times, cheer for her, and then at times brought on tears of sadness. Only the best books do that. Living in San Diego county, this book spoke to me in many ways. I adored the love story of Marilyn and Jack and their love and zest for life and then the devastating loss of that love hurt as I read Marilyn's words. This story of raising a bustling family, creating a warm, comfortable and one of a kind home, her passion for her career, beloved supportive girlfriends and all that matters most in life grabbed my heart and held it until the very last page.

Every year or so i read a book that just grabs me - heart and soul. This is certainly one of them. I am a slow reader (dyslexia); which is a good thing when it is a book to savor and this one is. Every day, I treat myself to 3 or 4 chapters - between chores. It is so artfully written. As an art lover, I ate up her descriptions of how art is interwoven in Ms Wood's life. Loved reading about her love story. I have never read better descriptions of the piercing pain of grief and one of the hardest of the human condition.


Sue Chadwick, Oxnard, CA

Laura L. Engel

Ki Johnson, Colorado

Kate Joyce

Sandra, SD

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Essay for The Twin Bill 

 October 26, 2021

A remembrance of minor league ball with my dad and this summer’s experience at a major league game with my grandson, Calvin.

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The Ridotto

iō Literary Journal

"Tales from Six Feet Apart"



A short story in an upcoming, open-access e-book.



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Marilyn's short story, Loosing Steamer, is included in the 2018 Year in Ink Anthology. 


Lyft, detailing her first experience using ride share, is featured in the 2019 Year in Ink Anthology.  


A short story by Marilyn is featured in the most recent Year in Ink Anthology: Volume 13.  



Marilyn's short story,Thirtieth Reunion, is included in this collection of non-fiction short stories, edited by Marni Freedman & Tracy J. Jones. 



Marilyn's imaginary tale of she and the Roman statesman, Cicero, in her garden will be included in this collection of non-fiction short stories, edited by Marni Freedman & Tracy J. Jones. 

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