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Thanksgiving leftover...

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Easily the oddest Thanksgiving ever.

The family unit carved up like a turkey.

In Arizona, they put up their Christmas tree and had cereal for dinner.

My daughter, bowing to doctor’s directive for a coronavirus test when she relayed some symptoms, cancelled dinner with her husband’s family. They are still working on the pre-ordered and pre-paid turkey dinner with all the trimmings—two people with a meal for ten. Thankfully, she tested negative.

A trip to her aunt’s farm in Connecticut cancelled for my granddaughter in Rhode Island; she’s quarantined after learning a friend tested positive Thanksgiving Eve.

With my family next door, we opted for turkey burgers stuffed with cheddar cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms, sweet potato fries, and a healthy version of the green bean casserole. Panko breadcrumbs in lieu of canned onion rings. Pickled jalapeños and cranberry orange sauce dressed up the burgers. A snazzy version of pumpkin pie—chiffon with crushed vanilla wafer crust. Espresso. Surprises with every course.

In each household, Thanksgiving was less complicated—casual, safe-distanced and masked when not eating. Clean-up was far easier, and the unwanted specter of Covid-19 present at each gathering. It’s why we were separated.

I missed us all being together.

And frankly, I missed the damn turkey.

Roy Lichenstein, 1961


Wonderful blog. Your dinner sounded exciting to me. We had that Cajun turkey and it was so spicy we threw all but what we ate away. Our dressing never thawed so I had to put it in the microwave for A while. But the table was festively decorated and we didn’t even turn on the TV for our 30 minute celebration.Love Jan hello

Loved your piece on Thanksgiving. I think you captured the weirdness of it really well. Somehow I cannot sign in to leave a comment on the page. I need to work on it. SB

Pretty good for food , especially the 20 lb. bird , perfectly smoked and on

time. Clean up was kinda messy but the soup is delicious so leftovers weren’t so bad either.

I had to laugh reading your last post. How Thanksgiving can be so strange and yet so the same for some people. At my daughter's house when we zoomed in after our two person quiet Thanksgiving meal, we found them setting up to eat cereal after a huge early afternoon meal while trimming their tree. All 4 children were there. The tree was a real Frazier fir that was just beautiful They were eating on Christmas dishes. They make this passage every year like this. This is the first time I have seen the tree. Just thought it was interesting. I have now taken down my Thanksgiving decorations. My housekeeper comes tomorrow and will clean up our week long mess and I will start on Christmas for just us. I love to decorate even my new 4 ft. tree. We got it 3 years ago after Ron's back finally gave out. This one has just those precious ornaments that have special memories. I will play my jukebox and make a great day of it since no children will be coming to help this year. JP

I can’t go to sleep thinking about your Thanksgiving.

There’s a turkey in your future!!! If I have to cook it myself!

There were 9 plus of us and I took my food in some of my antiques. They had no turkey platter or pretty my Brussels sprouts went in antique bowl and servers. Whatever utensils were needed for my food along with gravy etc. ere left in Capistrano!!! Ha I didn’t take any thing home and they were so happy to have them as they entertain all the time. A contemporary White platter looks great with a baroque silver fork!

Now it’s going to be 10:00 and I wish for a hot turkey sandwich..lots of gravy! LP

Yes, this was a really weird Thanksgiving, and paramount to the disconnect is the fact that we all have different comfort zones (even with my closest, there is a constant tug and compromise). RS

Disappointing. Usually I go to El Dorado to be with my sister and her family plus visit other friends there. Instead I picked up a “care package” of Thanksgiving food from my sister-in-law here in Dallas and warmed it in my microwave and ate it alone. Now I have had to cancel my trip to CA in December and January because of this pestilence spread . Arghhhhhh. I am too disappointed to even decorate here in Dallas. A wreath on the door is it. I look like I am either a Jew or just a disgruntled scrooge. Most likely the latter.Rosamond

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