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Sky High on that roller coaster again . . .

Life is, simply put, one huge topsy turvy existence.

June ended painfully sad. The start of July has my brain exploding and my heart sky rocketing.

Up. Down. Around.

Where to start with the current good stuff? I think I’ll hunker down with legendary and hilarious Dallas columnist Blackie Sherrod’s tactic of scattershooting:

  •  A double header celebration on the Fourth. New friends and old. His hood and mine. Hamburgers, hotdogs, and yummy potato salad, my daughter-in-law’s specialty.

  • A surprise message from a young woman I haven’t seen in twenty-five years. Not since her dad, Ted Tollner, coached football at San Diego State.

  • Tammy found me through an article in the San Diego Union Tribune and asked if I could help her with her book project. We met and talked non-stop for an hour catching up on all our memorable fun times.

Connections. Collaboration. Compadres!


  • Confirmed a girl's getway with my long time besties in Ventura.

Watch out!

But there’s more . . .

Date nights too these first weeks of July.

  • With my fifteen-year-old grandson, Cash. Despicable Four – I love those minions! He and I have seen all four movies together now, starting in 2010 with Despicable Me. These funny, clever films aren’t just for kids!

  • Speaking of Cash, saw a fabulous play which is bound for Broadway at The La Jolla Playhouse—The Ballad of Johnny and June.

I forgot how much I loved their music – came home and added theirJohnny Cash's best to my country playlist. "Always on My Mind," " Ring of Fire," " I Walk the Line"…on and on.

So dang good.

  • ·      I have remembered an alfresco dinner my granddaughters prepared and served poolside two summers ago fondly. Maddie and Sophie, the charming little foodies served grilled branzino. I have wanted to tackle such for all this time, and just over the weekend, my favorite head chef and I did!

So darn much fun to prepare Camille Style's “the French Girl’s Summer Dinner Party,” complete with boozy melons for good friends.







Plus, in preparing the branzino, I learned about flaky sea salt.·

Try it. You'll like it!

And the hits keep comin'!

  • The San Diego Padres are above 500. Jurickson Profar, Fernando Tatis Jr., 21-year-old rookie Jackson Merrill, infielder Luis Arraez, and closer Robert Suarez made the all-stars.

  • The first tomatoes have appeared on the vines Calvin planted for me!

  • ·And just now, thanks to Catherine Jones, my compadre at The San Diego Museum of Art. I re-connected with Brittany Quintero, the young, beautiful, happy and very talented tattoo artist I mentored for a year at the museum. We will meet very soon.

Connections. Collaboration. Compadres y'all!


July 2024 is all good so far.

Except for the presidential s**t show.


"Summer should get a speeding ticket. It goes by way too fast." Anonymous

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Wow! Lively, that's what your July is starting off to be...(I almost wrote starting off with a bang, but thought better of it...cliches and all.) Thanks for introducing Tammy and me; you're an excellent matchmaker. Keep having fun and doing things and writing about them and sharing with us. Your life is so exciting from the vantage point of here.

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