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Twelve years ago, my granddaughter, Chesapeake Woods with hair the color of orange marmalade, was born and I bought a book for her, a book about an adorable little girl whose hair was curly and also red.

She’s much too sophisticated for the book now, but for many years it was her favorite when she came to visit. It’s still mine.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ book, full of whimsy, is zany and touching, and encourages all kinds of feelings – angry, happy, cranky, sad or silly. Her playful rhymes are magical. This one plays very well for me during shelter-in-place.

“I really want straight hair,

But mine’s curly-q.

Should I cut it or grow it,

Oh what should I do?

Besides Jamie Lee's enchanting verse, Laura Cornell’s delightful and puckish little red-headed heroine keeps me coming back. The near-neon illustrations burst off the pages whether the little imp is glammed up like a diva, learning to knit, or splayed out across her bed like a rag doll. So much whimsy. A delight for the eyes and ears, no matter how old you are!

"I'd rather feel silly, excited or glad, than cranky or grumpy, discouraged or sad."

Good thought for Cinco de Mayo in quarantine.

Wise little redhead.

Yes, celebrate, but, six-feet apart, wash often, and don't forget your mask...Olé!


We have that book too in our grandparent library. Always loved it. I think I will find it and enjoy it again today. Thanks for the reminder.

Ron and I are still well and plan to stay that way.. You sound like you are taking all the right precautions. I am so glad. I do not think we can do less.

I enjoy your blog. It is always so positive.


Love the story about the girl with the curly, red hair.    Bet she is a beautiful redhead—tall and thin like her grandmother. My outings have been to the store and curbside cleaners.    The weather here has  been cold and rainy so going outdoors has not been an option.   There have been a few nice days, but not many.    All of the projects I was hoping to complete, are still waiting to be worked on. Hope you are well and staying in place. Lorrie

My neighbor is having a Cinco de Mayo party for ten on her outside patio complete with Margaritas and botanos..  I am wearing my authentic purchased in Nuevo Laredo outfit.  No masks required.   Love from Seguin, TX

I love that book also, and now that you have brought it to mind again will get it for new great granddaughter when she comes to visit!! Hope you got your bridge game to work!😊❤️J9

   Love this. I’m going to order the book and read it often until I can read it to Mirabel.


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