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“Without it, life is just ‘doing time.' ”

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I love this powerful statement about love from an essay by Ottessa Moshfegh.

So yeah, love - what is it? Does it start in the mind or the heart or where? What does it look like? How do you make it last?

Love stories come in all sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. Young love, old love, reawakened love, unresolved love, unrequited love.

A mother's love.

A teenage crush kind of love.

A puppy's love.

Brotherly love.

Heartbreaking love.

Pulse-quickening love.

Scandalous love.

Second or third time love.

World-stopping love.

Love that is brief.

Love full of passion.

Love that lasts forever.

Like me, three of my author friends, Rhonda Hayes Curtis, Rose Lochmann, and Linda Olson, have written about their love stories, each one a very different kind. Telling our love stories is what brought us together. We have laughed, cried, and mostly supported one another throughout our journeys.

Love at the Last Minute: A Mother's Journey to Courage, Acceptance, and Wisdom,

are available now and Linda's is coming very soon.

We're anxiously awaiting, Gone: A Memoir of Love, Body and Taking Back My Life by Linda Olson, to be published very soon - in late October. And then we're going to find ways to talk about our stories together. Stories of silliness, happiness, sorrow, adventure and inspiration. A quartet of love stories.

Have you written your love story? Why not try?


Good to have like-minded friends and fellow artists close at hand. Chris in tiny house Texas

Good Afternoon, Marilyn😘😘

   Hope you are doing well sweet friend😘

I would love to hear about your new books!

I LOVE a good love story❤️❤️❤️

   I’m getting ready to go to my youngest son’s home to watch the Cowboys beat ( hopefully) the LA Rams!!  Was Jack a fan of pro football? Being a Texas girl,I imagine you have a favorite team! I am not going to assume it’s the Cowboys( you have been away from Texas for quite awhile)! Of course, it could be that the Texans are your favorite. That’s OK....... I love J.J. Watt😘😘

Hugs to you!!


Ah, love, the oxygen in life.

From that inside tingling that can drive you insane and that just the same you want it never to stop, all the way to the simple hand on your hand that together constructs a rudder. RS

Really looking forward to reading the new addition.  I have very much enjoyed the first 3.  Especially The Orange Woods! AMS

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1 Comment

I love a love story and look forward to reading Linda's and celebrating the quartet of love stories written by women who love. You all are so beautiful. Thank you.

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