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I love love.

To Jacques Prévert by Folon, 1979

"Let's fall in love. For if I loved you, time and again you would hear me say that I want to be loved by you, by you, and nobody else but you. This I have told every little star, and the blue moon, too, in the blue skies, though I can't remember where or when. Or where is love? Where is love? Under moonlight in Vermont, or on the moon over Miami, or in autumn in New York, or April in Paris? What is this thing called love? I love you for sentimental reasons, perhaps because you are the promised breath of springtime and I cherish the very thought of you. Why won't you believe me? It you I adore - Laura, Marie, Mary, and Mustang Sally. Come rain or come shine, I thought about you. You were always on my mind, in the wee small hours of the morning. Sincerely. So, Maybelline, won't you change partners and dance with em? Otherwise, I'll be all alone by the telephone, dancing in the dark, time after time, as time goes by. They laughed at me wanting you body and soul. But it's very clear: Our love is here to tay. So let me call you sweetheart? It had to be you, you and the night and the music."

From The Book of Love, by one of my newest favorite authors, Roger Rosenblatt uses lines from love songs to create a kind of verbal jazz riff, so infectious and so engaging. The tiny book is full of themes of love--romantic love, courtship, marriage, battle, heartbreak, fury, confusion, melancholy, beauty, delirium and ecstasy.

I loved this book and all that it conveys about love of lovers, family, friends, work, solitude, art, nature, and life itself!

I love Rosenblatt's writing so much that I used a line of his - "We love because we've loved before" - from another marvelous book, Cataract Blues, as an introduction to my latest book, After Goya - A Mature-ish Fairy Tale:

which, as long as we're talking hearts and flowers, is very romantic and would make a beautiful Valentine's gift for just about any one who loves love!

Available on Amazon or text me to arrange to purchase a signed copy - 760-212-1884!

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I love love, too and I love you and I love that you introduced me to this little book on love, which I will purchase from an Indie book store...that I love. Love, Judy

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