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Survived another one!

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

NO I didn't bake the pies. Didn't snap the green beans. Did NOT tear the sourdough loaf into chunks for the stuffing. Certainly didn't peel potatoes or stir the gravy.

I DID, however, brine, roast, and carve the damn turkey. One misstep along the way - spilled the brine all over the kitchen floor. The gizzard ended up there too, but we managed to get it all together and our guests were none-the-wiser!

Oh yeah, another helping of mishap - frantic moments just before we sat down for our little feast...

Elvis, Finley, and Maisie, family dogs enjoyed the smells and a few tastes of Thanksgiving.

In the end, a joyous gathering of family, friends, and puppies.

Could be that the very popular Thanksgiving 2023 bar cart helped!

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Sounds like an altogether wonderful holiday.


Wait, you're from Texas and you eat sourdough dressing? Not cornbread? I'm aghast.

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