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She's Everywhere!

Random Thoughts I had while watching Barbie

· Dazzling summer fun!

· Barbie sales will spike - both plastic dolls and movie tickets.

· Daughter and daughter-in-law didn’t like it.

· Granddaughters and I LOVED it.


I reminded them of how upset I used to get when they mauled their new Barbies – cutting their hair, drawing beards on their faces, losing the plastic f**k-me shoes which I eventually stepped on puncturing my foot with the spike heel. Argh.

· Best line in the movie – an aside to the filmmaker.

· Oscar-nominated writer/director Greta Gerwig (Little Women, Lady Bird) and toymaker, Mattel—a brilliant combo!

· Could Margot Robbie be any more perfectly cast as the plastic doll with unrealistic physical proportions and the kinds of very real body issues they can cause? She is realistically gorgeous!

· Both Barbie and Ken cry on cue beautifully.·

Outrageous “I’m Just Ken” dance scene – Jailhouse Rock, Dirty Dancing, and LaLa Land rolled into one!

· Last time (before this) I witnessed an audience break into repeated spontaneous applause? Jobs, the 2013 historical film about the genius, Steve Jobs.

· Audience danced into the parking lot as we exited. A good time was had by all!

· So much pink.

· Is that why I’m seeing so many pink Teslas?

· So much glitter. Who doesn’t love glitter? Oh, my friend Gail.

· Guy next to me in Nordstroms buying a pink shirt to take his teenage daughter to the film.

· I have nothing pink; need to change that

· Glossy gleam of Barbie’s decades-long history. Sparkly!

· Ryan Gosling is beyond KENOUGH

· His Ken is hero, villain, and Beach with a tragic, plastic heart. Loved his self-pitying 80s power ballad

· Also Will Ferrell’s pomposity as CEO at Mattel’s headquarters, populated solely by men is great. He insists his company’s “gender-neutral bathrooms up the wazoo” are evidence of diversity!

· Breathtaking pastel-ness of scenery palette reminded me of Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City

· So way-out-of-bounds-wonderful surprise ending!

· Visual feast—sit back and enjoy.

· Taking the men in my life to see Barbie tomorrow.

And just in case you're thinking I'm a one-dimensional airhead, (which I can be) - seeing Oppenheimer this weekend!

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Of course you went to see "Barbie," and all your notes are spot on. Me: I loved it. Laughed out loud often, marveled at some of the tricky cinematography, and applauded Greta Gerwig. I've been a fan of her films for as long as she's been making them. Our audience (Friday matinee at Landmark Hillcrest) spontaneously applauded America Ferrera's monologue. I loved the whole thing of it. PS I didn't wear pink. And also, I'm a pre-Barbie woman.


You are right. My 7 yo granddaughter got a Barbie this weekend. Her brother reminded me that She couldn’t see the movie though as it was rated for 13 and above.


Aug 01, 2023

Seeing it this weekend and can't wait. I already saw Oppenheimer and may see it again. The two probably should not be paired, but it sure helps the movie industry.

As you know, I'm all for glitter and bling, and of course I have pink.

I trust you, Marilyn, and am prepared to enjoy it...not necessarily love it...but what the H...

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