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Perhaps the most magic time of day...

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

We were together at twilight time.

As we strolled, holding hands after Cadillac margaritas and carne asada fajitas at our neighborhood haunt, the lyrics and melody of the song, “Twilight Time,” drifted into my head. The Platters harmonious blend resurfaced from my girlhood when I first emerged as a hopeless romantic. Any wonder the timeless love song came to mind again at this twilight time when I am very much in love with life. Twilight time, the mesmerizing time after sunset between daylight and darkness.

As a teenager, I played the 45rpm record over and over waxing poetically and innocently over whose kiss might thrill me deep in the dark. And when?

All these decades later as purple-colored curtains around us marked the end of day and blackened silhouettes of graceful queen palms stood out against the last of the sunset in the western sky, I found myself immersed in the romanticism of the song again.

At my home, he and I, keeping a rendezvous beneath the blue, nestled ourselves on my terrace to savor the last of twilight’s precious moments as fingers of night surrendered the setting sun.

In the silence, I wondered who inspired the song? Who prayed to be “together at last at twilight time?

I live in an extraordinary time. Sitting in the afterglow of day, I picked up my iPhone, “Alexa, play ‘Twilight Time.’”

Instantly, the stylized sounds of The Platters, reminiscent of The Ink Spots blended with Doo Wap, filled the evening air.

We couldn’t help ourselves. We slow-danced. Together at twilight time.

He departed and so did another twilight time.

Alone, after he had gone, I read that “Twilight Time,” written in 1944, became an anthem in the thick of World War II for returning soldiers, the prayer of those who waited. The Platters’ version pushed it to greater fame as the war ended and the Baby Boom began.

I thought of my mom. Did she know of the song when my dad served overseas in the army? I know she prayed for his safe return.

I remember a time later when my father traveled extensively throughout the world on business, my brother had left home, and I returned for a visit. At twilight time, Mom shared, “I really don’t like this time of day. All the lights in the neighbors’ happy houses go on, families gather, and I’m alone.”

How different twilight time is for me.

Those magical moments of soft diffused light when the sun is below the horizon. A sliver of moon might hang in the sky.

Gloaming. Eventide. Dusk. In Spanish, crepúsculo. That twinkling when day turns into night.

I live in a sublime time. Twilight of my life.


A few more musical notes...

The Platters had so many great hits.

"My Prayer,"

"The Great Pretender,"

and "Only You" among them.

Thanks to my friend, Judy, I learned of Willie Nelson's version from his album What a Wonderful World from 1988 which I share with you!

You're welcome.


I love this piece. You are in such a magical state of mind. i also love twilight. The waning space between this day and tomorrow…reflection meets expectation….add the excitement of new love…indeed a magical state for the mind…Im smiling at our joy and your incredible ability to express through the keys. ams

Ah, crepúsculo, when the day hasn't fully ended yet the night hasn't fully developed. A sort of nowhere land when time seems to be hanging while the vampires come out to play.

I discovered that rocker Franz Ferdinand wrote the song Twilight Omens. I didn't like the music at all, and yet I was captivated by the lyrics. I wrote your name upon the back of my hand Slept upon it then I woke up with it Backwards on my face Reading forwards from my mirror To my heart Twilight omens in my life Then I hear your name Hear the radio sing your name, Should I give you a call What can I say? Maybe you still feel the same. I typed your number into my calculator Where it spelled a dirty word When you turn it upside down You can turn my dirty world The bright way round Twilight omens in my life Then I hear your name Hear the radio sing your name Should I give you a call What can I say? Oh, maybe I still feel the same Twilight omens in my life I keep hearing your name I keep hearing your name Hearing your name Hear the radio sing your name Hear the radio sing your name Hear the radio sing your name

Love it! Thanks Marilyn. You’re so generous sharing so much close to your heart. Ah, I, too, remember when we” couldn’t help ourselves” and danced in the kitchen….J. Kesson

Your last two blogs have inspired and touched me. To show you how out of it I am, I didn’t even know there was a new Elvis movie out, and now I want to see it!!!! So I’m trying to figure out when, where, and who I can go with!! I think I would actually go by myself if I can’t find someone to join me - that’s how badly I want to see it!!!

And I hadn’t thought about “Twilight Time” in forever! I immediately played the Willie version that you sent and thought about my guy because he was a big Willie fan and I became one after we married. After he sort of went to sleep for those two days before he died, we played Willie, Patsy Cline and Hank Williams for him to enjoy! And it also made me think of the time some years back when we went to a Willie concert in a field outside of Seneca Falls, NY. What a neat experience! It triggered lots of good memories.

Then I went to You-tube and played the Platters’ version. Oh my - talk about triggering memories! I was right back in high school (or was it college) slow dancing and snuggling with Tom. And in more recent times, twilight was one of our favorite times at the lake - sitting on the deck watching the sunset, and the twilight afterwards was sometimes prettier than the sunset. It was hard this summer experiencing that without him, but I still felt like he was there with me. Thanks for triggering some good memories!…..Shirley❤️🙏

So now I've had the "Twilight Time " song stuck in my head ever since I read your piece. What kids these days call an "ear worm," I think.

Lovely bit of reverie...DI

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Romantic. Nostalgic. Memory-laden. Sigh-inducing.


Aug 20, 2022

Magical to read of this moment. Twilight Time is one of my favorite melodies and you conjured up wonderful memories for me.

Thank you my friend.

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