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Our Drawing Salon Draws...

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Drawing Salon—such an old-fashioned name for our small group of art lovers, united through our volunteer work at the art museum. Calls to mind Gertrude Stein and the intrigue of her Paris salon.

In the beginning, Kathee and Margaret and I shared grief with unending tears of sadness at the same time; that connection, much stronger than our love of art for a long while. David and Renato ushered themselves into our lives at the perfect time. We were ready to gather. A quintet enthusiastic to draw emerged. Time for conversation. And art appreciation. For sharing food and wine. Occasionally, there’s too much wine and too little drawing. But this past week, we drew—our interpretations of Zurbaran’s Agnes Dei.

Ours is a lively group, as diverse as our depictions of the lamb.

Zurbaran’s masterful works of art will be featured in the upcoming exhibition at The San Diego Museum of Art, “Spain: Art and Empire in the Golden Age,” which opens May 18.

Regrettably, none of the work of our Drawing Salon will be represented.

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