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My most favorite mask...

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

With masks front and center for us all, the one on my bedpost, my Mojiganga Mask from San Miguel de Allende, makes me so darned happy. My real pal shelter-in-place pal.

Looking at her earlier started me thinking about masks in a big way and I plan to do a blog or two about assorted face coverings coming up!

Two years ago in San Miguel's Centro Histórico on a magical vacation with Bo, Jen and Chesapeake and Cash, we stopped dead in our tracks when this giant bride appeared in front of us. Dozens more Mojigangas followed in the afternoon's colorful parade and we were determined to find out about these delightful fifteen foot tall figures.

A bit of googling revealed the captivating giant puppets, Las Mojigangas, made from paper mache, have their roots in the 1600s when the Spaniards brought over their antecedents, Los Gigantes. The originals were meant to depict the aristocracy.

On the cobbled streets of San Miguel, the enormous decorated heads were burlesque in appearance; the body, an A-frame structure draped with fanciful garb. A puppeteer hid within and a slight mid-body slit allowed them to see.

The five of us followed the friendly bride home which led us to Mojiganga Studio de San Miguel for the real show!

A very small and hard to find place, but oh so worth it!

Workshops full of figures crafted by talented artists - all sorts of representations of humanity - politicians, Catrinas, rides, grooms, Fridas, pirates, clowns - with all their beauty, whimsy and flaws!

You can even commission one of the artists to create a Mojiganga overnight!

Bo had a small one done for his podcast partner, Ron!

Shameless plug, I know, but what's a mom to do?

At Mojiganga Studio de San Miguel, it didn't take me long to make up my mind!

Way up on a wall, kind of dusty, I spotted my lady skeleton mask and brought her home where she and her great big smile makes me very happy, even in isolation.

I have others - I happen to collect Day of the Dead skeletons and my Mojiganga mask souvenir from San Miguel de Allende has taken her place as the Grande Dame of them all!

If and when it's ever okay to travel again and maybe remove our masks, here's the link to Mojingas de San Miguel - a not-to-be-missed experience!


My writing buddies Barb and Janice in San Miguel

I like the bride; reminds me of Mandragora in the The San Diego Museum of Art. Olga d.

Fabuloso!  I love your mask and story.  I love the photos too and your very own one is gorgeous.  Artsy, just stunningly creepy on your bedpost.  It’s awesome.  I want to go there to see all of the Mojigangas, never heard of them before.  I loved seeing your pictures of them.  Nice ones too.  CJ

HI. I am attaching Red Blossom, my interpretation from the museum's collection. With that kohl like make up, Red Blossom felt like a mask! Marina

Have a wonderful weekend,


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I really want to visit. How colorful and fun. Love the history!


Love it! Thanks, Marilyn. The gagantes were a beautiful part of the Le Merce Festival in Barcelona, that giant figures paraded through the streets every September, honoring Our Lady of Mercy.


Love your new mask!!! And thanks for the story behind it. I was looking for the photo of you and Jan in your lovely masks at bridge way back in early March! Stay well!! xxx


Apr 30, 2020



Love it! Thank, Marilyn! Love you!

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