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More conflict...cows or concrete?

City vs. country living - which lifestyle is right for me? I am conflicted most of the time. Most of my life, a big city girl and then twenty glorious years living rural made me a believer. Now back in the city, I constantly vacillate.

Most recently, friends, fun and margaritas at the world famous Lazy H in Pauma Valley where the regulars gather around the carved wooden bar built around a tree which grows up through the ceiling. Honest!

Cheers has nothing on the bar in this place!

However, back in San Diego, my friend Margaret and I decided to see a movie. I walked. How cool is that? A mile and a half each way. We met for the 2pm showing of Wild Nights with Emily. I graciously suggested she go first in the ticket line.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled out my wallet to pay and the ticket agent announced, "Sold Out."

Margaret stayed for the movie. I left. But the theater was conveniently located. And I bought some Milk Duds for the walk home.

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