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Inspired by art...

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Another writing effort put out there in the pandemic...

Each year, San Diego Writers Ink publishes an anthology of curated works. A selection of mine titled Sheets is included. It's a lighthearted look at one of life's everyday experiences.

MB Hanrahan, (click to check out her FB page) a mega-talented artist in Ventura, California, created a work that inspired me to write about tussling with the linens, especially the fitted bottom sheet! I love how art inspires my writing many times.

The editor, Carrie Danielson, did a superb job; the cover art by Cherry Cone by Beverly Berwick is delicious. And inside works written with "a flair, a humanity, a cerebration, a playfulness, a profundity, an allure, the editor writes. A sample:

Enroute - Beginning the Journey, Judy Reeves

Pop Sings the Suicide Cry, Steve Clapp

Waiting Does Not Equal Bad News, Nancy Cary

Modern Horror with Dick and Jane, K.A. Okagaki

Train Thoughts, Tim Calaway

Pool Party, Danielle B. Baldwin

A Year in Ink Anthology, Volume 13 spotlights the freshest poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction being written by the community of writers currently working and living in San Diego. Click the link to purchase this little gem. Good stocking stuffer!

Grateful to be among them.

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1 Comment

Nov 26, 2020

Thanks for plugging A Year in Ink. I am so proud to be among the contributors and feel humbled by all the wonderful writing.

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