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Hugely talented!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Meet MB Hanrahan, a multi-talented artist who lives and creates in Ventura, California.

According to the artist, who considers herself a pop artist, "My paintings and sculptures usually contain popular cultural references — present and past. My ideas are the best art I make — I work in whatever medium is best suited to realize an idea.

My finest creations are the products of collaborations.

I paint murals for my community, or with my community. A significant portion of my mural work has involved youth, from elementary to college level, in both the design and painting of the mural."

I first encountered her genius when I bought an auction item—a mural painting session she generously donated—at a charity event in the late 1990s.

A few years later she sent a Halloween greeting to my husband – a provocative pumpkin picture postcard! Many more special occasion cards followed over the years...

Most importantly, MB Hanrahan's mural created magic at The Orange Woods.

Read about this inspiring woman and her art in my new book, available now.

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1 Comment

Oh how well I remember the story of the provocative pumpkin Halloween postcard and what ensued. Another delightful story from a book that is filled with them... and so much more.

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