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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Seasons past when I was part of a magical winemaking adventure, the autumn was the most special time of the year. Harvesting fully ripened grapes and turning them into a fine wine seemed magical. A labor of love with rewards that lasted for seasons and seasons.

As the full moon of September, the harvest moon, rose in the twilight sky late last month, so many memories of harvests past spilled over in my mind. I had written about some of those unforgettable moments as I wrote to heal after losing my winemaker husband.

“At home again, I listened to music as the spectacular full moon rose in the night sky. A monumental mix of melancholy and mourning came crashing down on me. I sat alone in the cool evening air and sobbed softly. I stared at the silhouettes of mountains, their purple darkened to navy. Our OrangeWoods years had been heavenly. Spiritual. Beautiful. Why can’t I simply be grateful?”


“We staged one of our most beautiful parties ever under the Full Hunter Moon of October after Jack and I had visited Vermont in August with Janice and Frank. We had been spellbound there by a farm-to-table dinner under the stars. Jack and I invited his wine group and spouses for an al fresco dinner one evening to celebrate our recent harvest. We rented long tables and chairs, enough for forty, and placed them in the center of the bocce ball court.

A gentle breeze wafted the sounds of Pavarotti and Friends from the winery. A collaborative wine tasting and pasta dinner, combined with friends and fellowship, amidst the orange trees produced a very special evening.”

I am no longer involved in the earthy ritual we both loved for so long. However, I’m harvesting something on my own these days.

I recently signed a contract with a publisher and they tell me that my manuscript will appear in book form early in 2020. Just like turning grapes into wine, the blending of all those months and years of writing and re-writing, editing and polishing will finally reach fruition.

Hopefully it will have legs…


Loved your blog this morning. A beautiful thing to arrive in my inbox in the midst of all that fundraising/lastchance sale/pay attention to me ads, etc. Judy

Congratulations Marilyn.  Jack’s poetry is beautiful.  Thank for sharing.💕

How wonderful Marilyn, that you can linger for a while in the embrace of memories past, and yet still look into the future with excitement for new territories to be explored. Salut !! Renato

As always, your blogs lighten my heart, particularly your words of the loss of a spouse.  Thank you.  I am honored to be your friend.

Be sure to let us all know when your book is published! Love, Nell

Loved your sweet and sentimental memories. Clearly, you are grateful for those special times and special years. And, love the art work and Jack’s poem. We are only sorry that we didn’t get to know Jack better. It’s lovely to see this side of Jack that we didn’t know about. What a guy!!! We miss him too. Jill and John

Kathryn Snead I love ❤️reading all your beautiful thoughts. How Blessed I am to part of your Life. 💕♥️❤️😍 Kathryn Snead I am also a widow, I understand those moments and memories that are so deep in our hearts missing our husbands

How exciting to be published!  My favorite story of yours is the encounter with federal agents chasing marijuana poachers from your property. MM

Oh Marilyn so very excited to hear you are going to be published!! I look forward to purchasing and reading, I know I will like it!!!❤️❤️J-9

Dear one this is so exciting!!! Your book is coming... You are amazing and thanks for the treat of Jack's homage to the grape. Hugs and days of book signing...Linda

Another fantastic work that moved me to tears, Marilyn. You are such a talented writer and I am extremely happy for you. What a gift you have and now you can share it with even more people!  Have you watched the PBS Ken Burns series on Country Music? I just finished the last episode. So well done and features a number of very talented Texans! Love you, Anne 

I just finished Episode 4 last night…such a wonderful series! I’m in love with Hank Williams. I know I could have gotten him over to the straight and narrow!

Woodsie ....I remember reading this writing of 

Jacks❤️.  such love and gratitude for life . ...rereading it now wrapped in your words..add the vision and energy of the harvest moon.   This is what your book is birthed from.  Truly, can hardly wait to read it...

I am beyond excited for you.

I miss the memories there wasn’t time for; and cherish all there are.   I love you wd.


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