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Fifty thoughts I had while watching Elvis, the movie...

1. My father freaked out when he heard "All Shook Up" and saw the gyrations

2. So did I...

3. Couldn’t quite keep up with Baz Luhrmann’s editing choices – same kinetic musical madness as Moulin Rouge

4. Austin Butler, the unknown, flawless as Elvis

5. Dad took away my pink GE clock radio for playing "Hound Dog" too loud

6. "Love Me Tender" best slow dance music ever

7. Will Justin Bieber and Harry Styles have the everlasting effect Elvis still has?

8. Why the capes? Superhero stuff from his love of Captain Marvel comics maybe...

9. Oh how he loved his momma; Vernon failed him in many ways

10. Tom Hanks played an evil dude with fervor

11. Sun Records provided the soundtrack of my teens – Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Elvis

12. Dad didn’t approve of any of those oldies but goodies either

13. How naïve can one mega-star be?

14. Elvis’ spirituals comfort me

15. Black spirituals and gospel, his inspirations, amazing Pentecostal shudder scene in the movie

16. About Tom Hanks sharpened nose job...

17. “That’s alright Mama…”– what a way to begin. Thanks Sam Phillips

18. Radio used to be brilliant

19. Wow – the dancin' black woman in the sexy red dress!

20. What a shame. What a waste of a life.

21. What wonder and joy he afforded my life then and now

22. The few dance moves I have, I learned from him

23. I never did my Elvis moves around my dad

24. I forgot how much I loved bell bottoms

25. The fifties really were incredible. Simpler and wonderful-er.

26. My brother talked like Elvis and looked a little like Buddy Holly

27. “Poke Salad Annie” by Elvis best version for sure!

28. Payola days were crazy

29. Little Richard - first 45 I purchased. "Tutti Frutti."

30. Dad really hated that one.

31. Sweet Priscilla and Lisa – what must they think

32. Austin Butler sizzles as he stares down the lens and melts it just like the King did

33. Super Bowl-sized diamond rings

34. I had those aviator glasses

35. Sitting on the L of the Hollywood sign – bucket list

36. OMG – that pink-pegged suit

38. Was the sweaty, seductive soul singer ever satisfied

39. I love the blues. B.B. King, Odetta et al

40. Vegas dazzles. Extravagant glitz. Road trip

41. Elvis masterfully manipulated the mike better than anyone til Obama

42. My brother joined the army and went to Germany because of Elvis

43. All Elvis’ costumes exaggerated the wiggle

44. All mainstream TV wanted to eliminate the wiggle

45. So did my dad

46. I’d regret it if I hadn’t seen the movie

47. I rushed home and downloaded the soundtrack. Yola rocked as Sister Rosetta.

48. Title should have been Col. Parker Scumbag

49. A movie’s a nice way to stay cool. So is an art museum

50. “Are You Lonesome Tonight” still makes me weak in the knees.

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Jul 09, 2022

What a great list, Marilyn! So many angles to look for when I do see the movie. I love your #18 ~ Charlie & Harrigan were my friends in the mornings when we first moved to San Diego County in 1988☺️💕


I wont see the movie for some time but Sullivan and Yola are some of my favorite artists today so that alone is making me want to see it soon! great read of a list! thank you!


Reading all the references to your dad brought me great memories of my dad's reaction when the Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan show! His main objection was their haircuts. If only live were still that simple. Or did it just seem simple because we were still young?


Love this, Marilyn. I've yet to see the movie; you've given me 50 reasons though actually I didn't need any. I just want a "date" to go see it with. Very effective the reiteration of "dad" and what he liked/didn't like approved of/didn't. I think we coulda had so much fun together back in the day.

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