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COVID conversation...

It’s hard to find things to be happy about, grateful over, or even looking forward to, especially if you tune into the news of our country and our world.

I am extremely fortunate that the thing I am most passionate about is free, portable and can be done in quarantine. Writing, and more than that, communicating with others, is what drives me now and has for five years. The five long years that I have been without my husband.

Writing has propelled me through grief, anger, denial…all those stages but after that, more than that, writing has given me purpose and pleasure.

If my knee hurts so badly that I can’t walk, God forbid run; if I run out of art supplies and can’t paint; if I run out of sewing, cooking or cleaning supplies and Amazon drops the bomb, I can still write. I can still write to my friends; I can still write about my family and things I know intimately; and I can still write about fears, dreams, insights, secret longings, crushed ambitions and so much more.

What a blessing to live where I am free to write whatever crosses my mind without censorship.


I've been having similar thoughts about writing. I felt good about doing some focused work today.

My main disappointment resulting from our cancelled reunion is that I'll miss getting to spend time with you.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying your blog posts and look forward to reading your book.

Carry on! Chris

Lovely, lovely musings. Keep putting your talented pen to paper. And get that book out!

Luv, Sue

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Yes, we just keep writing. I love that so many individuals and organizations are creating write-together events online, too. Writing alone/writing together, however we do it, we have stories to tell. I'm so glad you're committed to the pen and page, Marilyn. I love your stories.


And, we are lucky to be the recipients of your thoughts and writings. We will be in self isolation for 14 days when we get home - apparently not allowed out of our condo!!! A real test of a marriage!!!


Keep writing please! We have 14 days of self isolation in front of us and I need lots of good stuff to read - and you write good stuff! Sorry we didn't get to say good bye personally but we'll stay in touch, over the summer and look forward to next October. Stay well dear friend!

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