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Art alive and flowers in bloom!

Art Alive, the spectacular smashing together of art and flowers, happened a few days ago at The San Diego Museum of Art.

I spent Saturday afternoon in the upstairs galleries talking to people about the sacred golden cow flown in from India in the Rotunda, deep purple anthuriums, flutter white pin cushions blossoms, the view of Mount Fuji in one painting, and the fur throw in the John Singer Sargant portrait.

Lots of Art Speak, but also blossom babble!

Throughout the afternoon, not only did I dispense information amid the fragrances, I also learned a great deal from avid art and flower lovers.

Some of my favorite floral interpretations of the art:

First place winner among museum members and the Docent Council - it's all about the purple obi in the Tadashi painting!

The second favorite - Rufino Tamayo's "The Sonumbulist" wiith its electrifing oranges and blues which the floral artist captured brilliantly!

I loved the woodsy interpretation of Saint Jerome by Spanish master, Zubaran.

and how the floral designer used the textile - and the fur mini-pelt - to mimic Sargant's painting!

And, of course, this Goya painting (and the beautiful arrangement) were very special to me because of a newly-released book I wrote...

which inspired the fairy tale which is full of art, romance, and fantasy. A beautiful gift for a a beautiful mom this Mother's Day? Available here on Amazon or contact me for a signed copy!

PS - Sorry it doesn't come with flowers, but you could add a bouquet for mom!

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I didn't get to the Art Alive exhibit this year. Thanks for bringing it to my inbox. Hope you didn't get light-headed from deep-breathing in all those delightful fragrances.

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