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April in...

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

I admit it.

I whined when he suggested traveling in April.

“Why on earth do you want to leave here—it’s the most perfect time of the year?”

“Marilyn, it’s beautiful so many places this time of year.”

We did take trips in April; he was right. April is spectacular in so many places.

Yes, Paris one April.

Oaxaca another year in April. Even more romantic.

Our springtime Texas tradition— the Buffalo Gap Food and Wine Festival, Perini Ranch in Texas—top chefs, tall cowboys, and two-stepping under the stars.

April most everywhere we went, extraordinary.

But nowhere as picture perfect as home in the middle of a sun-kissed orange grove when the paper white blossoms’ knock-you-off-your-feet fragrances filled the April air.

This year, April in Quarantine.

I can’t seem to locate a guidebook.



Obviously, you need to create the Guidebook !


Well Marilyn, I can tell you that April in Edmonton isn't looking that great!  There is no way the snow that is piled up on our deck and under the trees and bushes is not going to disappear in just a few days.  Would love to get down to Pauma and see,  along with missed friends, some green grass, spring flowers and leaves on the trees! 


   I have elaborate dreams.....sometimes wake up tired from all the "ramblings, lost purses, lost tickets, lost cars I've dealt with during the night!".  You

     popped into my dream the other night,  (we were in figure!).  So the next morning  I realized I hadn't heard from you in quite awhile and

      wondered why....So was glad to hear you're still writing/musing....I hope you doing and feeling well.   I miss seeing you.     Maggi

I am so glad to be on your email list.  Great to see you writing and read your thoughts and musings, especially now.  

I hope you are keeping safe and well.  I myself feel particularly grateful to be an artist- because like you, my love is always accessible to me.

I will send you an image or two.  From one artist to another.

Sending love,


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