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Change of plans...

My late-in-life ballet career ended as abruptly as it began.

Ballet lessons topped my 2024 New Year’s Resolution list.

At the end of the third class, which I enjoyed immensely, it became clear that my right knee did not share my dream of embodying a ballerina’s grace, poise, and strength.

Neither did my orthopedic surgeon who prescribed Voltaren topical gel, extra-strength Tylenol, a Neoprene knee brace, and physical therapy.

The disappointment lingered, as did the pain in my knee.

I have since picked up two new hobbies or passions or pastimes, neither of which impact my knee.

Both are a return to pursuits from my youth.

I am a Duolingo stalwart these days, making daily efforts to amp up my Spanish which I studied in high school; Mr. Tardy, a round gruff lovable sort, the teacher. But before sinking my teeth firmly into the language, I switched first to French and then to German. Consequently, I can’t speak any of the three.

Each day, I greet the animated lime green Duolingo man and do my lessons. It takes me three or four attempts to pass to the next level, but me gusto un reto!

My other pursuit is a return, also to my youth when my parents insisted I take piano lessons. Classical piano lessons. Weekly from Marvin Grossman, a professorial type. For eight years, I practiced and played and agonized over Bach, Brahms, and Debussy music all the while eyeing the Love Me Tender and Tennessee Waltz sheet music.

Would I love playing now? I decided to find out and purchased a Roland Keyboard. I am slightly intimidated, but determined.

So, my future line-up of daily activities—writing, Spanish lessons, and playing the keyboard—are all sedentary pastimes.

And not one of these the least bit graceful.



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Love all you do, try out, keep after and share with us. Thanks.


Great that you can still read music as like everything else you don't use, you lose! We'll look forward to a recital next Nov.!😀


I remember Senor Tardy in high school. His favorite phrase for those of not so good in Spanish was: "El burro sabe mas que tu!" (The donkey knows more than you.)

So glad you are returning to the piano, via keyboard. Maybe you can show me how to use my keyboard (gifted at Christmas) when you are in Dallas. Bring music so you can play for us.


So sorry your nascent ballet career didn't work out, but languages and piano lessons sound like the perfect antidote!! Learning keeps us young!!! I'm on Duolingo as well, trying to learn Italian. Quite pathetic, but I want to know a few words before our trip in the fall. Ciao!! 💕


Keep going's what keeps us young and if one thing doesn't work there is always something else equally good. 😀

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