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Never paid much attention to Galentine’s Day, although I adored Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope character on Parks and Recreation.

Galentine’s Day, according to Amy, is an alternative to Valentine’s Day celebrated the day before, February 13, created by the show's writers and creators. She refers to it as a “kind of fun, fake holiday, just like Valentine’s Day, which is also a fake holiday. She and her gal pals get together and shower one another with weird gifts.

A new gal pal of mine showered me with a beautifully unexpected and heartfelt gift last week. Amy Wallen—who is one of the most important figures in the San Diego writing community (and way beyond) read my book and wrote a review full of

My book’s publication date, May 26, 2022,

happened in the initial jaws of the pandemic and

little was done by me or anybody to promote it.

So, to have this new look at The Orangewoods – Seasons in the Country Artfully Livedfor a new audience is delightful and very much appreciated.

Amy, the author of multiple books and shorter pieces, (her newest, How to Write a Novel in 20 Pies, is fabulous for writers, bakers, girls and guys who love hilarity) - and I discover new things regularly that link us.

When she told me recently she was headed to Bartlesville, Oklahoma for her high school reunion, I let her know that’s small-town America where I was born.

Both our fathers in the oil business and both families living in Texas during our childhoods (hers much after mine…).

And the biggest woo-woo moment came when I learned that Maddie, my oldest granddaughter, had become Amy’s tenant.

Wanting to know this charming person better, I invited her to my Writing Group to share her book and a pie which happens to be one of her main claims to fame. She writes. She teaches. She bakes pies. Writes about pies. Shares her pies. Auctions off her pies for charity. And apparently makes candles, at least that’s how she profiles herself on her website!

So, here’s a Galentine’s Day gift to you! Contact Amy for a good time!

Book Clubs, women’s groups, family reunions, any gathering where you’d love to her about her books, especially her current one, and her pies, count on Amy. Virtually or in person, she sparkles and loves storytelling, sharing conversation, and cutting her delicious pies into generous servings!

And here you go – another Galentine’s Day gift.

My daughter-in-law’s sister, Amy Poeppel, just launched her new book, The Sweet Spot, which is hilarious, contemporary, and just plain fabulous. A delightfully well-told story of three women. I ordered a boatload of her books for Galentine’s Day gifts!

As Amy Wallen and I continue to uncork what we call “woo-woo” moments of serendipity as our friendship grows, I am more aware of these kinds of instances that appear mystical or unsubstantiated or unbelievable coincidental. For instance, I couldn’t help but notice that in this short post, I wrote about not one, not two, but three women – all named Amy!

Cue the spooky music!

And in the next day or so, watch for my annual Valentine’s Day blog post featuring Beatrice Wood’s naughty and charming love notes...

Feel like you've been to a bookstore? Buy a gal pal a Galentine's Day gift from your local bookstore! And a Valentine's Day gift for someone you love - also from your local bookstore!

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Marilyn, I love our new friendship! It’s so fun. And, the three Amys—that’s just so cool, also considering Amy means friend.


What a delightful post and tribute to our friend Amy Wallen. You are a gifted writer, Marilyn, and a generous friend. Happy Galentine's Day.


Both books sound like great selections for Pi Phi Book Club. Thanks, Marilyn!

Replying to

Marty, If you do decide to choose my book for your book club, I love making book club visits in person or zoom.

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