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Covid concrete coverage

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

"You and your book are in the news! See page 11. Congratulations." said the email from the PR people.

"Wait is that you?" Gail asked a week later on our regular morning walk as she pointed to the rolled-up paper on the concrete.

In unison, we both bent over and peered closely.

There I was cropped into a two-inch square below cover art of a DJ and his orange space man robot thing.

Me and the French boutique and the interim Episcopal CEO in a banner across the bottom.

We laughed.

She took a picture.

She took another photo.

Yep, me again.

On the concrete.


Even the chalk-drawing kids in the neighborhood got in on the action.

I finally acquiesced, picked up a copy, and took it home for a look.

The worst part - I'm even more rumpled and wrinkled than ever...

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What a sight to come upon. Love it! And how you positioned the paper in the chalkwoman's hand. That's cute.



But you still look great to me...what paper?😂

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