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Big week for me!

Just back from Dallas, where I grew up and where it was seventeen degrees all weekend. It's seventy degrees and sunshine this afternoon at my home in San Diego. Sigh...

It is a big week for me and my newest book!

Book Launch Event at the Pauma Valley Country Club! Thursday, January 18, at 1pm.

Please join us for a special ABCD Day Luncheon as we welcome guest speaker and published author, Marilyn Woods, to discuss her latest novel, “After Goya”. It is part fairytale, part very real later-in-life love story. Her novel is whimsical, art- fueled story about creating your own happily- ever- after. We hope to see you there!

And later that evening...

Excited and honored to have been my piece (also whimsical!) about dancing with the great Roman orator, Cicero, chosen for this anthology from the San Diego Memoir Showcase which will be officially launched at Warwick's at 7:30. Books will be for sale and authors will happily sign!

Volume Five of the Shaking The Tree Anthologies and my newest book, After Goya - A Mature-ish Fairy Tale and my first book, The Orange Woods - Seasons in the Country Artfully Lived, are available now on Amazon! Or you can contact me for a signed copy!

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Exciting times for a writer! That would be you. And her readers. That would be me. Congratulations.

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