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Autumn on the Appalachian Trail...

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

This Texas girl turned Southern Californian experienced an Autumn to remember days ago on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina. My last hike, early one morning, played out in an almost spiritual manner.

Thought I’d share…and also give you a link to an extraordinary version of Autumn Leaves.

You’re welcome.

Happy November y'all.


Truly beautiful and just what I needed to remember to breathe today. Been a bit of a flurry … and no ending in sight. Thank you, Judy

It’s lovely to hear you had such a moment of connection, and a bestowing of gifts and energy from the universe. Thank you for sharing the feels….Alyson

Isn’t forest bathing a refreshing thing😊

Hugs, DR

Thanks, Marilyn. Walking in the woods among autumn leaves is one of life’s most wonderful pleasures. Growing up in Ontario, John and I enjoyed many such walks among the brilliant yellow, gold and red leaves. Walking with dogs and small children made it even more wonderful. We don’t have those colours in BC, and we miss the season. See you soon!! Ready or not!! Jill

Stunning display of magical color… Mother Nature rockin it!

…with the leaves crackling under your feet I was completely transported….thank you🧡AS

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Oct 31, 2022

Folks don't realize how beautiful the autumn is in the Georgia/North Carolina mountains. I loved visiting them in the autumn when I lived in Atlanta, and such a long season. It's a well-kept secret.

Thanks for the memory.

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