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Adjectives are words that describe the qualities or states of being of nouns: rapturous, reluctant, rowdy...sculptural, sexy, silly...head-splitting, hilarious, hallowed.

Both in my newly formed writing group and my touring at the art museum, I’m focusing on newer, stronger, adjectives in my communications. With more flourish like Gatsby-esque, flame-haired, or black-hearted.


Decided to try it out on this, my first blog of the new year, 2024, Year of the Dragon which promises to be full of power, vigor, and charm y’all!

Play a little game with yourself - can you find the noun the adjective, starting with Dry, modifies?


Dry - January has already become a bit damp.


Devastated – a longtime friend is suffering in Dallas.


Impatient – to see Emma Stone and her gasp-worthy costumes in Poor Things. AGAIN! Oh those diaphanous sleeves! Warning: Risque also works well here.


Shocked – those boobs almost in that Boudreaux colored magnificent dress on The Golden Globes.


Stunned – just finished There, There by Tommy Orange, a brilliant new novel recommended by Anne Patchett. Still reeling.


Determined – cleaning closets and drawers one by one.


Weirdly wonderful – my new dance classes at Malashock Dance School.


Supportive – to my close friend, Dave, as he embarks on a difficult journey.


ChallengedMonsters: A Fan’s Dilemma by Claire Dederer. Listened and then read.


Joyous – Today it’s 70 degrees and sunshine in San Diego at my house.


Eager – upcoming trips – Hiking in Joshua Tree, Jack’s first birthday in Washington, a birthday in Miami, a college reunion in Dallas, a medical school graduation in Toledo – all before Memorial Day.


Surprised – so many beautiful sentiments received about my second book’s publication.


Pleasurable – my experience with both Anna, the photographer, and Lisa, the columnist of The San Diego Union Tribune (@ LISA DEADERICK) as they crafted this nice article about me this week.


Beholden – my new word for grateful which is what I am for the many blessings in my life as 2024 launches. Many blessings

At the risk of making this piece verbose, here's an appeal: send me your curious and interesting adjectives. I collect in small notebooks!







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How about Vanessa Friedman's description of Margot Robbie's gown at the Golden Globes: "sequined slither of hot pink Armani paired with a bristling pink tulle boa,..."

Can't wait to read this book!

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