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Who doesn't love a love story?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

I wrote that question two years ago about this time when we were mired in the pandemic and strangely unsettled about the future. The future is here; much has changed in my life as I'm sure it has in yours.

But somehow, love stories here's another look at that post which seems like forever ago...

I know I loved writing one...

The Orange Woods - Seasons in the Country Artfully Lived has been out in the safe-distanced world now for a month. I am overwhelmed at the response and wish I could personally hug each person who shared a heartfelt comment.

Instead, I'm sharing something in return.

What I have learned is that people love love stories all the time. But in this time of upheaval on so many levels, more than ever.

So, in the interest of books that touch your heart, here are some emotional, beautiful, and inspiring memoirs from authors I know and admire.

Rhonda Curtis lights up any room she walks into and looking at this picture, is it any wonder? Hers is a must-read book, Love at the Last Minute ? She’s pictured happily announcing her marriage to her second husband, Larry Curtis.

I devoured Rhonda's book several years ago and have never forgotten it. It was just a few days ago that I finally got to meet Larry, safely distanced in their backyard, picnic-style. A charming, open, and compassionate guy, I wanted to hug him, but resisted. So instead, I’ll re-read and savor the book once again, Love at the Last Minute.

Rose Lochmann, is not only my writing companion, but also a hiking pal, a dedicated yoga professional and paddle boarder (is there nothing this woman can't do?) who is very near completion of her second book, also a love story.

Her first book, an expertly crafted memoir, tells the story of my strong and brilliant friend’s four-year journey as she falls in love at the tender age of fourteen. Rose’s book, The Letters She Saved, A Love Story, is a story of innocence, naiveté, gutsiness and endurance spanning across North America and as far away as Okinawa as the Vietnam War loomed on the country's horizon.

And saving some very exciting news for last - my first real writing partner and friend, Linda Olson has just announced her compelling book will be released October 27, just four months away.

We first met five years ago in a writing class taught by my mentor, Judy Reeves at UCSD.

And I’m thrilled to let you know about Linda and her astonishing story, which is profiled on her website:

“At age twenty-nine, Linda Olson lost both her legs above the knee and her right arm in a train vs. car accident in Germany.”

Who doesn't need that kind of message?

I hope you love these love stories.

If you did, stay tuned, the four of us are planning to talk love stories together in the very near future!


Lucky you to have these accomplished writer friends. I have one writer/storyteller friend in particular now with whom I get together so we can work on our work. A number of years ago there were four of us who met once a month and shared ideas and encouragement. All very helpful and satisfying... I wish you and I lived closer! Carry on! Chris 

That’s what I like about watching that funny old program , The Golden Girls. I love the camaraderie!  Sounds like that’s what the four of you have. That is so cool! I’ve read Rhonda’s book and I’m reading yours now. I would love to read the other two as well. Beatles say “ love is all we need”.

Thanks for having me on your mailing list! Lots of Love.... Janis 💙

Loved that! All of it!

I have Karen’s copy of Love to read. Can’t wait!And what an awe-inspiring woman Linda is! Incredible! Another book I will look forward to reading. Thank you.MKB

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1 Comment

Yes yes yes, I do love a love story and I love a writer who is so generous to promote her friends' books. Congratulations to all the lovers and those they love and write about.

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