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Summer of orange

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Summer of orange

Valencias outside my window

Fruit of inspiration

Fragrance swirling in the air

My book in blossom

Everything orange

Days of summer orange

Gauzy ribbon bows

Book gifts

Orange cupcakes, nectarous treat

Doll house orchard

Everything is orange

Summer nights turn orange

Sun pales deep in the west

Monet’s Impression Sunrise, morning luminescence

Delicate day lilies from a friend

Brighten the day for a hummingbird and me

Surrounded by orange

Summertime, the livin’ is orange

Blossoms on paper umbrella

Succulent slices on my morning plate

Fragrant bouquet of scented candle

Sugared-coated candy, sip of juice

My world orange

Alone, summer of orange

Oil painting, bold expressive oranges

On book’s cover

Bookmark saves a page

Book on the table

Orange everywhere I look

Summer orange is lovely

My daughter’s dress,

A hint of gloss, a whiff of cologne

Piquant pages of book

Orange uplifts me, wraps me in warmth

Alone this summer of orange

This season of orange

Finds me quiet, slowed down

Immersed in solitude’s nectar

When light is right, shadows long,

Sky cast with soft radiance

Orange afterglow watercolor washes my summer


Thank you Marilyn: I usually like September weather, fruits  and colors- less crowded beaches? 

how will it unfold this year?

Hope to see you soon! Be well!


Your Orange poem is absolutely lovely. I connected with it on several levels. Loved the last line! It speaks to my summer sunsets as I contemplate leaving Yachats. KC

So funny, I just started your book and it just made me smell the sweetness of oranges! Lolo

The ever expanding pallet you draw from....I love your interpretations of Orange....AM

Loved your poem, so loved the picture of the beautiful roses!! I just love that color in particular!!!😍J-9

Unlike Suzy - orange has always been my favorite color, followed closely by yellow. Keep writing Marilyn, you do it so well. Edmonton AB

BTW, ORANGE is my 2nd favorite color, after blue.  It is my husband's and daughter's favorite. (Her wedding was all orange, including her shoes!) A color I always associate with great joy!🍊

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You bring orange alive in your artful observations and beautiful words. And even though I have read your lovely book, I don't want to file it, spine out on my bookshelf. I want to keep it gorgeous face up on my table. What a fabulous cover!


Just lovely! For all the challenges of the summer of 2020, the bright spots will always be illuminated in Orange. You made all of us reconsider this neglected color, scent, image - and appreciate it as bright and brand new!


Orange has always been my least favorite color. However, with beautiful imagery you have explained orange to me. Orange IS the color of summer!


Poetry as well as prose! Beautifully done, I'll have to explore more poetry.

Have an orange day!

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