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Shelter in Place, Week Four

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Hair dryer blows my shaggy, faded, badly-in-need-of-a-salon visit head of hair into the air; the warm setting feels good on a gray rainy day.

A smudge of blush, a swipe of mascara, and Burt’s Bees Plum Lip Shimmer paints my face a fresh look.

What to wear?

Skinny jeans perhaps? Still fit. Whew.

The warm cardigan sweater, still in the Nordstrom’s shopping bag? Eggshell, a nice neutral.

Shoes? Anything but sneakers. I think the ankle boots.

Earrings and a ring might be nice.

Slip Jack’s cigar ring on my finger.

Dangle Jan’s turquoise treasures from my ears.

A whiff of Orange Blossom cologne.

One last check in the mirror.

I may look as good as I’ve looked in four weeks.

On my way.

Out the door.

Trash day.


Very cute.  Yesterday we binge watched Homeland.  Let’s see what today will be???

Barb and Bill

LOVE that.  There was great anticipation as to where you were going!  And trash day, so perfect.SB

Ah, to be a man and be able to jump into my clothes after the shower without even a comb to worry about. No blush, nor lipstick, nor mascara, though shaving is part of the routine. And with the days spent at home, there is no 'special' shirt nor fancier pants; just jeans with a tee shirt, a sweater and sneakers. Perhaps I'll wear cologne...R

Marvelous -- particularly in these troubled times.D

Marilyn, I love this.  Making our unusual confinement uplifting and funny is

the only way to go.  FC

I just love your Mind!!

Jodi T. Anthony

Live! Laugh! Love!

Now that you are all dressed up in your skinny jeans,  where are you going?  I know California is doing well with this virus but I did not know you were allowed out for fun yet. 

I am waiting for the day here in Houston. 

Happy Easter.

Judy Presswood.

 I'm very impressed with your thoughtful selection of attire for garbage day. You have made me feel like I should raise the bar for my daily routine of CHANGE OUT OF PAJAMAS BY NOON for this shelter in place period.

As always, I really enjoyed reading your journal writings.


Now maybe I know where you were going in your skinny jeans. I have seen pictures of ladies dressed up going to take out the trash, get the mail and to walk the dog. Any excuse will seems. It seems I have no desire to dress more than regular jeans and a hang out shirt or pull over sweater so just did not understand. Good for you that really want to look your very best no matter what is going on.

Love ya, Judy 

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Did you get my email? Good to see you yesterday Ann j


Love what you did with this! Thanks for shining your light.


Ha ha ha!!! Love it!! I hope someone sees you, all spiffed up and polished!!

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