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I lost a close friend this holiday season.




Another dear friend left some time ago, moving to Maine.

Our love of art fashioned both friendships.




We learned the art of docent-ing together.

Kathee’s daughter discovered a gift with my name on it.

Deidre’s present arrived in the mail the same day. Eight perfect biscotti, handmade.

A Gift-of-the-Magi-lump-in-my-throat moment.

My gift to Kathee sits wrapped under the tree. A comforter. Soft and warm.

I have no gift for Deidre.

To give.

Or not give.

Or not be able to give.

There is an art to the giving and receiving of gifts.

A Christmas red stack-pack present for Gail

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Dear Marilyn, I wanted to acknowledge this post, though I am late in doing so. Sending love and warm thoughts during this time of love and loss and more love.


Dear Marilyn, sending you warm thoughts this season. I treasure each day. I love returning to Pauma and was married there one year ago yesterday. Stayed at the club in a cottage and love gazing up to the mountain Which holds so many memories yet also holds more to come. I now live on the raw Oregon Coast in a whole new world and train docents at an old lightkeepers home and think of Jack as there is a vintage photo of a Jack Woods in our historical center. He isn’t your Jack but us a wide-smiled strapping young soldier.

I consider each day a gift. I hope yours is a gift today…. With much love…..Terry, Florence OR

Heceta Head Lighthouse


Christmas greetings Marilyn - I know you will never get over missing the love of your life anymore than I will get over missing Trevor, who was the love of MY life, so Christmas will not be 'merry', but I know you will make the best of it, as will I. I miss all of my Pauma friends. Pauma was really a second home. I hope it doesn't change too much. I'm sending a big hug and maybe you will pass it along to Longneckers, Gary, and the Prydays. I am in touch with the Stenzels regularly and I know they miss Pauma as well. What a special place!!!


Pam Munro
Pam Munro
Dec 24, 2021

Merry Christmas, dear Marilyn. I wish you Peace.


It is sad when we lose a loved one, especially so close to Christmas. Sending love and hugs, and wishing you a Christmas filled with loving family and happy memories.

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