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My reflections on the 2024 Academy Awards



  • I love a guy in a broach!


  • Great add of the quintet of past women and men winners to present Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor awards.


  • Some extraordinary and impassioned acceptance speeches; some pretty awful.


  • Jimmy Kimmel rocks.



  • Can’t say which songwriter I love more – Billie Eilish or Jon Batiste.


Hers (which won the prize) -

or his endearing lullaby

to his wife, Suleika, "It Never Went Away."

Jon Batiste and Suleika Jaouad's heart wrenching love story was nominated and you can see it on Netflix – American Symphony. It is a stunning film.

And it's not to late to do yourself a favor and see the five nominated short films. Each one more stirring than the last! 2024 Oscar Nominated Short Films not to be missed! Still in some theaters or streaming. Extraordinary! I saw it at Landmark Theater in my neighborhood which brings me to my last reflection...

  • Movies simply are better in the theater. 


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See-thru baseball pants. Naw, I'd rather speculate. (put me in right field). Always appreciate your perspective. Thanks for these.

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