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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I contemplated it seriously. And then as swiftly as the cork pops free from the unscrewed muselet of a bottle of champagne, I discarded the thought of an Alcohol-free January.

Not drinking to begin a New Year is something I have done regularly over the years as the darkened winter months begin to pour slowly into Spring.

I made it thirty-one days just last year...

Not this year. Happy Hour is one of life’s little pleasures in these closeted days of Covid.

We’ve all given up so much these past months, close to a year now. Dining out, theater, travel, fitness classes, concerts.

I started 2021 without sugar and without bread. Enough additional deprivation.

Whether I’m alone or clinking a glass, virtually, across a six-foot space outdoors, my January will not be alcohol-free like it was last year pre-pandemic.

At least until I get a shot of the Pfizer brand…


Cheers! À votre santé, mon amie !


With Covid still an issue, my New Year is looking much the same 2020 with the exception of a Great Grandchild joining the family. Gary

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